Cloud9 Continues Their March Through the LCS Summer Split

It’s clear that Cloud9 is the best team in North America once again. They have completely outclassed their first five opponents in the 2020 LCS Summer Split, and they had no problem with Team Liquid on Friday night. Zven showed he can play mages in the bottom lane with a great performance on Cassiopeia, but Blaber was the big difference maker with six kills and four assists on Lee Sin. C9 is 5-0, and it’s no surprise to see this squad listed as one of the biggest favorites of the season per the League of Legends betting odds.


100 THIEVES +120

The chants of TSM are a thing of the past, and they might not be coming back. The most successful organization in the LCS has struggled to stand out over the last two years, and they didn’t fare well in the spring. Doublelift has made the bottom lane better following his acquisition from Team Liquid, but there are still underlying issues in the top lane and jungle. Broken Blade and Spica have not played well, and while there is hope that Spica can grow into his role, we’ve seen enough from Broken Blade to know that this is his peak.

That makes the Thieves a great play. They have likely prepared a bit more for TSM than vice versa since they play Counter Logic Gaming on Saturday, and they have a top laner that can punish Broken Blade in Ssumday. Ssumday is one of the best three top laners in the region, and he can carry this team to victory.

CLOUD9 -1718

This is an impossible situation for Immortals. They fired their general manager and head coach earlier in the week, and they have yet to win a game this season. There isn’t a star on this team, while Cloud9 have arguably the four best players at their positions in the region.

C9 were the most successful team in the history of the LCS last season with a 26-2 cumulative record en route to becoming LCS Spring Split champions, and they haven’t missed a beat. Reapered has this squad playing great, and no one has else in the region has even given them a decent challenge. They have a skill advantage at every position against Immortals, giving them incredible flexibility.


There’s a lot to like for FlyQuest coming into this game. They are all alone in second place in the LCS with a 4-1 record, and they will have Saturday off to help them prepare for this match. Their only loss this season came against Cloud9, but they continue to look sharp with Solo in the top lane. PowerOfEvil is an elite mid laner too, and he will have a massive edge over Damonte.

The Guardians just aren’t that talented. While the bottom lane has been better than expected with Huhi adapting to support well and FBI becoming competent at AD Carry, the other three positions are filled with fringe players. Hauntzer is past his prime in the top lane, and Closer is a mediocre jungler.


This might be the first time we see Huni in the top lane for Evil Geniuses this season. He hasn’t been able to play due to North America’s import rule, but the team might decide to sit Bang and play Deftly in the bottom lane, allowing Huni the opportunity to get back on the Rift. Kumo has fared well up top, but there’s no doubt that Huni has more talent, and Jiizuke is looking very good early in the split. Dignitas is a team they can experiment against too as they are 0-4.

We might see Dignitas mix things up this week. V1per has had enormous difficulties in the top lane, and Aphromoo hasn’t looked sharp in support. That could lead to Lourlo and JayJ entering the lineup, but Johnsun has to play much better for this team to really improve. His issues in the bottom lane have held this organization back, and that will cost Dignitas here.

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