Either Rogue or G2 Esports Will Meet Fnatic in the LEC Summer Split Finals on Sunday

Fnatic pulled off an incredible win over G2 Esports in Game 5 of their series last week to earn a spot in the LEC Summer Split Finals. The loss sent G2 Esports to the losers’ bracket, and now the winners of the last three EU titles will have to overcome Rogue to earn a rematch with Fnatic. Rogue are no pushover after finishing first in the LEC during the regular season, so G2 are in danger of missing out on the finals and earning a more difficult draw at the League of Legends World Championships in Shanghai next month. Still, there’s a lot of faith in G2, making them sizable favorites by the League of Legends betting odds.

2020 League of Legends LEC Summer Split Playoffs Betting Odds

G2 Esports -385
Rogue +272

Top Lane

It’s unlikely we see Finn take a carry champion into the top lane after some underwhelming performances on Gangplank and Renekton against Fnatic. However, he is one of the better tanks in the region, and that works well with what Rogue want to do in this series. Finn was superb on Shen and looked strong on both Ornn and Sion, giving Rogue some options up top.

Wunder always seems to have a pocket pick up his sleeve, and his Neeko has to be feared coming into this series. G2 won both games where he took the champion into the mid lane, and Neeko can make a huge difference in team fights. We are likely to see him try to win hard in the laning phase too, so look for carry picks from Wunder.


Inspired has looked much better in the jungle over the last few weeks. He showed something new in Rogue’s series against G2 with strong play on Hecarim and Evelynn, so that’s something G2 must watch out for on Saturday. Jankos has had some real struggles throughout the summer, and that has led to him taking a tank like Sett for six of G2’s nine playoff games. That could be an avenue for a Rogue victory, making them intriguing at these odds.

Mid Lane

These are the two most talented mid laners in Europe. Caps has been the best mid laner in the region since 2018, and he has been on five straight LEC champions and the last two teams to finish runner-up at the World Championships. He currently leads the team in damage this postseason with 26.8 percent of his team’s output per Games of Legends, and he thrives on assassin picks.

Larssen is the best young mid laner in the region. He showcased his potential in the Spring Split, and he started to put it all together in the Summer Split. We saw him shine on Azir, Syndra, and Lucian against the MAD Lions, and he has a very deep champion pool. He is the one mid laner in the region with the mechanical skill to clap Caps.

Bottom Lane

This was a strength for G2 last year, but it has become a bit of an Achilles’ heel this season. Perkz has not looked as strong on traditional bottom laners like Ashe, Jhin, Ezreal, and Caitlyn, effectively limiting G2’s options. He has been solid on Kalista on the few occasions where he is allowed to play the champion, but he has otherwise stuck to Senna in hopes of scaling into the late game. Mikyx has been more of a defensive support too in a meta that rewards playmakers at the position.

Vander is one of the best supports in Europe. He doesn’t have a great KDA or kill percentage, but his ability to roam and make plays has greatly helped Hans sama and Larssen. Hans sama is not the strongest bottom laner, but he has the potential to outperform Perkz in lane here. Don’t be surprised to see a pocket pick Draven from Hans sama, as he is one of the best on the champion.


G2 are probably going to win this series, but Rogue have a much better chance than the oddsmakers indicate. If they draft well (which has been their main weakness), they have the talent to win this series.

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