Rogue and MAD Lions are Tied for First Place in the LEC Summer Split Ahead of Saturday’s Action

We are a third of the way through the LEC Summer Split, and there have been some surprising developments through the first three weeks of the season. G2 Esports and Fnatic were expected to battle for first place throughout the season, but both organizations are instead chasing MAD Lions and Rogue. These two relative newcomers are tied atop the table at 5-1, while both G2 and Fnatic are treading water at .500. That means one of these two proud organizations will have a losing record at the end of this weekend.



SK Gaming have been the most surprising team of the Summer Split. No one expected them to upend G2 on Friday, but they did just that to move into third place at 4-2. Crownshot has been superb in the bottom lane and ZaZee has thrived in the mid lane to get them to this point, yet there is a reason they are only a slight favorite over 2-4 Vitality. Trick is not a real playmaker in the jungle, and both Jenax and Limit are limited in their skillsets.

Vitality have a mid laner that can go toe to toe with ZaZee in Milica, and Comp has been much better in the bottom lane since being paired with a fellow Greek at support in Labrov. Additionally, Cabochard can win his lane against Jenax, so don’t be shocked if Vitality pull off the upset.


Top laner Dan Dan put on the carry pants Friday. His Kayle performance led Misfits to a comeback win over Vitality, and he proved that this team isn’t just Kobbe and some place setters. The next step for this team is to move Razork to a different champion though as Lee Sin is just not a good option on this patch.

After an 0-4 start, Excel have won their last two games. Kryze stood out for the first time all year with a great performance on Wukong in their victory over Schalke, but this team has some major issues. Special has really struggled in the mid lane, and prior to that performance, there were some questions about Kryze too. That makes the favorite the right play here.

FC SCHALKE 04 +326

It’s been a very weird year for Origen. They have defeated G2 and Fnatic, but they are only 3-3 as they lost three other games in which they were favorites. This organization appears to be shaking things up in order to challenge for an LEC title as Alphari has diversified his champion pool, and they are asking Upset to hard carry more. Their bottom laner is dishing out a whopping 39 percent of his team’s damage per Games of Legends.

Schalke have yet to win a match in the Summer Split, echoing their disappointing performance in the Spring Split. They are likely out of the playoff picture already given their losses, and it looks like this team has just given up. Top laner Odoamne has looked particularly outclassed and is closing in on 900 deaths during his time as a professional player, but no one has played well.

ROGUE +100

Who would have thought that this match and not the one following it would be for sole possession of first place at this point of the season? MAD Lions have the most impressive jungler in the region through the first three weeks of the year. Shadow has been a major difference maker for this organization despite dealing just 11.6 percent of damage, and he gets his lanes ahead consistently. Additionally, Humanoid has outperformed all expectations with some excellent play on Orianna.

There is even more hype surrounding Rogue as Larssen is looking to challenge Caps and Nemesis for the title of best mid laner in Europe. His Orianna performances have been even better than what we have seen from Humanoid, and he has thrived on Corki too. Rogue’s bottom lane has really performed well too with Hans Sama and Vander continually punishing opponents in the laning phase. That makes Rogue a tantalizing option as an underdog.


The reigning champions continue to underwhelm. G2 look somewhat out of sorts, and it’s not the fault of one player as the entire team has had its issues. They have been making questionable decisions in the early game, leading to teams snowballing advantages against them and beating them before their champions come online. That could lead to a more lane-based strategy in this game, especially given how much Caps has roamed out of the mid lane this split.

As for Fnatic, they are back to their old ways. They are asking Rekkles to lead the way, and he has played very well with a 9.6 KDA per Games of Legends. Jungler Selfmade has been fantastic too, but the rest of the team has had some difficulty playing at the same level they did in the spring. Still, at these odds, Fnatic have to be the option since both teams are struggling

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