T1 is Out to Win its Third Straight LCK Title

The most successful League of Legends team in both Korea and the world will look to add another title to its trophy case this weekend when T1 takes on Gen. G in the 2020 LCK Spring Split Finals. T1 knocked off Gen. G in both of their previous meetings this season, but Gen. G were the No. 1 seed entering the playoffs due to their superior game score. Gen. G have historically had more success (when they were known as Samsung Galaxy) against T1 than any other team in Korea, so they won’t be somewhat awestruck like other teams have been in this situation.


T1 -156

GEN. G +122

A victory for T1 would give the organization its seventh LCK title. That is far and away the most in Korea, and their three World Championships are also the most of any team in the history of League of Legends. The only other team with multiple titles is Gen. G (as Samsung Galaxy). These two organizations combined to win every World Championship from 2013 to 2017, and they are out to show that Korea is the best region for League of Legends once more. T1 are slight favorites per the League of Legends betting odds entering this series.


It didn’t take long for Canna to replace Roach in the top lane for T1. Canna has largely taken tanks into the top lane with his most played champions being Ornn and Sett, but he has been solid on those picks. He has a 6.2 KDA per Games of Legends, and he has also showcased some depth with games on champions like Soraka, Karma, and Kled.

Rascal has played even more Ornn and Sett than Canna, so look for those champions to be prioritized by both teams. Sett can be flexed into multiple spots, so he should have a 100 percent pick or ban rate, while Ornn’s combination of tankiness and team fighting capability is hard to match. We might see one game where these players go off script but expect to see a lot of Ornn and Sett in this matchup.


Cuzz was fantastic for T1 against DragonX in the semifinals. He posted a 17.5 KDA in that series, only dying twice in four games. He completely caught the opposition off-guard with his off-meta pick of Graves, and his play on Gragas, Trundle, and Olaf has been exceptional.

Former T1 jungler Clid has not been as explosive as Cuzz, but he has been consistent. Clid has spent most of his time on Jarvan IV and RekSai this split, yet he did have an impressive performance on Ekko earlier in the season. His goal will be to try to limit the impact that Cuzz has in the early game.


This will be the matchup that analysts and fans alike highlight before the game. Faker is the best player in the history of League of Legends. He has been with T1 since they first rose to prominence in 2013, and he is still playing at an elite level. His LeBlanc play has been phenomenal, and he comes into the finals with a 13.0 KDA on the champion. His ability to dominate either side of the standard Azir/Corki matchup is important too, as those scaling champions are back in the meta.

Bdd shook off a dreadful season with KT Rolster in 2019 to earn the 2020 Spring Split MVP. He has been consistent throughout the course of this campaign, and his ability to take pocket picks like Neeko, Pantheon, and Zilean could give Gen. G some advantages in the draft. Bdd has not backed down from the legendary Faker in the past, so get your popcorn ready for this one.


The series could be decided by the play of the two veterans that will line up at AD Carry for both teams. Ruler was the key to Samsung Galaxy’s 2017 World Championship sweep over SK Telecom T1, and he has been the most reliable bottom laner in Korea since that point. He might be the best Ezreal player in the world, and his Kalista and Aphelios are both top notch too.

T1’s Teddy has shined since joining the team from Jin Air Green Wings. He posted a 6.9 KDA during the Spring Split, but he relies a lot on taking either Miss Fortune or Kalista into the bottom lane. Teddy played one of those two champions in over 60 percent of T1’s games in the regular season.


This is going to be a very evenly matched series. No team has a definitive matchup in any one area, so the play here is Gen. G at +122. Ruler and Bdd are good enough to stop the T1 juggernaut, but the key might be Clid recognizing his former teammates’ tendencies.

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