Bucks Now Favored To Win 2020 NBA Championship

While members of the NBA like Marcus Smart of the Boston Celtics, Kevin Durant of the Nets, and members of the Los Angeles Lakers have all come down with the coronavirus, the fact that they haven’t really had any symptoms that are too bad – at least that have been reported – gives NBA fans some hope that the 2019-20 season will continue at some point. It’s still very early in the process as the coronavirus pandemic seems to be raging out of control in the United States but maybe things get better.

Returning to the odds, Western Conference teams like the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers have long been favored to win the 2020 NBA Championship but as the season has been put on pause, it’s the Bucks who are back in front. Here is a look at the latest NBA futures.

ODDS: +200

The Bucks are number one on the odds list, if the season does resume, because Giannis Antetokounmpo was injured before the coronavirus-related break. If the season resumes, Giannis would be at or close to 100-percent health, which obviously returns the Bucks to “best in the NBA status.” Giannis playing at 75 or 80 percent would have put the Bucks in a fragile position, but a revived Giannis restores the Bucks to number one in the NBA.

ODDS: +225

The Lakers could bank on the fact that Anthony Davis has been injured for much of this season and would be able to come back healthier and refreshed after the long coronavirus-related break. Davis and LeBron James both getting extended time off would be just the thing to refuel them before the NBA Playoffs. The Lakers would have their two best players operating at maximum capacity. The Lake Show could not ask for a much better context for a possible playoff run. It is precisely what they hoped for all season long – not the long break due to a pandemic, of course, but the reality of Davis and LeBron both being in great physical condition.

ODDS: +300

The Clippers would be able to restore Kawhi Leonard, who has been dragging through the regular season with a lot of bumps and bruises and overall wear and tear. Getting Kawhi fresh for the playoffs would have the same general benefit as the Lakers having Davis and LeBron healthier. The Clippers have played the regular season like a team which has been waiting for the playoffs to start. If any team needed a mental break and a chance to gain fresh motivation, the Clippers would be that choice.

ODDS: +2000

The Celtics have to confront the reality of Marcus Smart having coronavirus. He is an essential player on the team and needs to get a clean bill of health before anything else can move forward. The Celtics live in a lot of uncertainty and would not be in the best position to make a run at the title following the resumption of the season – if, of course, a resumption occurs at all.

ODDS: +2000

The Rockets might be able to get James Harden and Russell Westbrook working well together if the season resumes. This is what Houston would count on in a last-ditch attempt to win the NBA title, something which has eluded the franchise over the past five years despite hugely talented rosters and the veteran presence of head coach Mike D’Antoni.

ODDS: +2500

The Raptors hugely overachieved in the regular season. If there is any Eastern Conference team which seems capable of taking down the Milwaukee Bucks, the Raptors – more than the Celtics – remain that choice.

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