Was Scottie Pippen Portrayed Accurately In The Last Dance?

Scottie Pippen was the Robin to Michael Jordan’s Batman, and it’s hard to imagine the Chicago Bulls’ historic run without No. 33 on the court. Despite being one of the best players of his era, The Last Dance didn’t necessarily portray him in the best of lights.

Given that Michael Jordan essentially had creative control over the tone of the docuseries, BetOnline wanted to ask those who shared the court with Pippen and Jordan their thoughts as to if the portrayal was accurate, and if not, why would Jordan seel that image.

“I didn’t like how he was portrayed and I don’t understand the reasoning behind it and I’m still trying to figure that out,” opened Craig Hodges. “Without Scottie, MJ would not have won. It’s like all the brothers sitting here. It’s almost like MJ won in a vacuum and it wasn’t anything like that. To throw your brother, especially no. 33, under the bus, that wasn’t cool.”

Hodges admittedly was not on the team when Scottie refused to check back into that infamous playoff game against the Knicks, but went on to state that the decision goes against everything he has heard and experienced first hand when it comes to Pippen’s character.

 Cartwright was a bit more reserved with his response, choosing to highlight how hard of a worker he was rather than criticize his portrayal in the series. 

“For me Pip was a great teammate and like I said it was one man’s show and that’s what they saw. But that’s not really reality.”

 It was Horace Grant who had the harshest take on the way Pippen was featured, calling the decision “bull shit.”

Grant saw the move as a hit piece against a man he felt was just as vital to the team’s success as Jordan was.

“If it wasn’t for Scottie Pippen there would be no six championships. I’m telling you right now guys. The first championship I think MJ got in foul trouble against the Lakers and who came to the rescue? No. 33. Scottie Pippen. Scottie Pippen. Yes, he made a mistake. We addressed that after the game. And then it was over with and we took the Knicks to seven games. My question is: How in the hell did that get on this documentary when MJ’s ass wasn’t even on the team?”

Sources close to Scottie claim that these responses echo his sentiments over his portrayal in the series, and where the series was quick to glorify the physical and personal sacrifices that Jordan made throughout his illustrious career, Pippen was not given the same respect.

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