NFL Draft: The Potential Franchise Quarterbacks Part 3


If there was a case to be made for Joe Burrow (and there shouldn’t be), I’ve made it. But there are still two more guys on my potential franchise quarterback list we need to talk about.


2019: 71.4 completion percentage, 2,840 yards, 33 touchdowns, three interceptions, 23 rushes, 17 yards, two touchdowns, 6-1, 218 pounds

Again, no surprise here that Tua’s at No. 2. And if someone is making an argument for Tagovailoa over Burrow, based on their performances over the last two seasons, I’ll at least listen. But nobody else is even in the mix. Again, if you’re reading that your GM thinks a guy like Justin Herbert is in either of these guys’ leagues, he should be loaded up in the trebuchet tomorrow and fired out of the building.

Tagovailoa injured his hip and it not only cost him the end of his season, but likely kept Alabama out of the college football playoff. He’s reportedly been cleared and is 100 percent, so minus the poking and prodding that would surely come if we were all not smartly socially isolating so as to protect the world from a Walking Dead style apocalypse, he’s good to go.

Tua checks all the boxes required for an NFL quarterback and he’s done it against NFL competition. Out of his 32 games played at Alabama, he faced off against NFL caliber defensive backs and linebackers nearly every Saturday (not to mention College Football Playoff games). That matters, because he put up those numbers, and those championship performances against the same kind of talent he’ll see on Sundays in the NFL.

Tagovailoa isn’t a run first guy, or even second guy, but he’s certainly willing to take that gain when it’s there and he’s got the athleticism to make a defense pay. He reminds me a lot of Russell Wilson and he’ll be a nightmare to defend specifically because of that added dimension to his game.

But like RW, he wants to put in the air and kill you with his arm, and the guy can toss it into an Easter Basket from 50 yards away.

Now, he also (like Burrow) played with NFL talent around him, but that’s not a knock. The speed of the NFL game should not be an issue because he’s been playing at it for three seasons.

Where do I think he’ll go? If I’m tossing some cash on it (and you can), I say he lands with the Miami Dolphins with the No. 5 overall pick. There’s a chance the Detroit Lions could decide that Matthew Stafford is no longer in their plans, but if they have, they’ve kept it way closer to the vest than any NFL team usually does. There’s not been a peep about any possible Matt Stafford trade or release this entire offseason.

The Washington Redskins are taking Chase Young and if Ron Rivera did wants to work in another QB besides Dwayne Haskins, he’ll just bring in Cam Newton (and he might).

Nope, unless the Los Angeles Chargers or Jacksonville Jaguars sell the farm (and toss away multiple first round picks) to jump Miami, Tua is taking his talents to South Beach.

We reveal our mystery third potential franchise quarterback in Part 4.

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