Donald Trump Remains a Favorite to Win a Second Term in 2020

Although Donald Trump has never had an approval rating higher than 50 percent per Gallup during his three-plus years in office, the 45th President of the United States is a slight favorite to win a second term. The last four presidents have all served two terms in office, and that incumbency advantage is the main thing going in Trump’s favor with a little over seven months until Election Day. You’ll be able to bet on the 2020 presidential race right up to the first Tuesday of November at BetOnline.



The overwhelming majority of medical experts believe that Trump has horribly bungled the raging coronavirus epidemic, but the public believes otherwise according to recently released polls from Gallup. On Wednesday, a Gallup poll showed that 60 percent of Americans believe that Trump has done a good job handling the crisis, confounding many political analysts that have watched as the number of infected Americans and the death toll continues to grow. If his approval rating remains that high, it’s hard to imagine Trump falling short in his bid to be reelected.

However, it’s unlikely that he continues to receive positive marks for his handling of the crisis. Trump repeatedly downplayed the severity of the coronavirus from late January until early March, and America is very likely to have the highest number of infections and a substantial mortality rate by the end of the summer. As those rates continue to skyrocket, an increasing number of people will question whether the POTUS is a competent leader in times of crisis.

A Democratic super PAC is already questioning Trump’s response with a highly critical ad, and that has led Trump’s camp to send out cease and desist orders to television stations in battleground states. It’s highly unlikely this ad is taken off the air though, and we will see the POTUS’ poll numbers fall in the coming weeks.

Additionally, no one knows what the economy will be like in seven months. The stock market soared under the first three years of Trump’s administration, but many of those gains were given back due to economic uncertainty with the outbreak of the coronavirus. The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped by over 10,000 points in a little over a month, and that led to the government investing trillions of dollars into the economy.

While the economy has stabilized in the aftermath of the stimulus package, it’s tough to say when people will return to work and life will return to some degree of normalcy. The United States has yet to flatten the curve, and things will get much worse before they get better.

Joe Biden might not be able to take advantage of Trump’s missteps. Biden has been conspicuously absent and out of the limelight since he all but locked up the Democratic Party’s nomination, and it’s unlikely he will inspire young voters and Hispanic voters to come out to the polls. More and more of those voters are becoming disenchanted with the Democratic Party after more shenanigans from the powerbrokers within the party over the last year. The former Vice President is unlikely to fare well in debates against Trump either.


YES -1000
NO +550

With major events being cancelled or postponed around the globe, there is a chance that the coronavirus epidemic causes Election Day to be pushed back. We’ve already seen all major sports, the Olympics, and state primaries shut down to halt the rapid spread of the virus, so Election Day could be delayed if hundreds of thousands of Americans have the disease.
The increased rise in people voting by mail is a major offset to postponing Election Day, and critics say it could set a dangerous precedent. America has never delayed Election Day once in its long history, and Democrats would throw a fit if their chance to remove Trump from office was moved back.

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