FC Schalke 04 Are Out to Continue Their Miracle Run in the First Round of the LEC Summer Split Playoffs

We’ve never seen a team do what Schalke did over the last three weeks of the LEC Summer Split. This organization was left for dead after losing 10 of its first 11 matches, but Gilius spurred an incredible comeback. Schalke won seven straight matches, beating the best teams in Europe along the way to slip into the playoffs, beating out Misfits Gaming and Excel Esports. They will have to stay sharp if they hope to qualify for the World Championships though, as they have no margin for error in the Losers’ Bracket of the LEC Summer Split Playoffs.


FC SCHALKE 04 -231


Given their incredible play during the tail end of the regular season, Schalke had to be favored over SK Gaming in the first match of the Summer Split Playoffs. Gilius has been the best jungler in the LEC over the last three weeks with some big time plays to carry the day for Schalke, and he showed he doesn’t have to be on playmaking champions with his Sejuani play against MAD Lions last week.

Abbedagge has come up big a few times during Schalke’s run, and he is the X-Factor for this team in the mid lane. His play on Zoe, Azir, Corki, and Akali shows how dangerous he is on late game champions, so SK Gaming know they need to stop him in the early game.

The main win condition for SK is Crownshot. He has come into his own in the bottom lane this year, but there are some concerns about his effectiveness with Aphelios falling out of the meta and Ezreal falling in priority. There isn’t another major playmaker on SK, so Schalke have to be the play even though they are sizable favorites as the lower seed.



This rivalry has defined the 2020 season in Europe. G2 Esports are the LEC’s old guard team with three straight domestic titles and seven overall, while MAD Lions represent the new guard. The Lions stunned G2 in the first round of the playoffs in the Spring Split, but they were toppled by the reigning champions in their rematch a couple years later. G2 won six straight games to end the season, yet they lost their last tilt with the Lions a month ago.

Caps is the key to everything for G2 Esports. It’s hard to deny that he is the most talented player in the league, and his ability to roam and impact other lanes makes him dangerous during the early game. His 4.8 KDA per Games of Legends is the highest on the team, and his prevalence on the suddenly popular AD Kog’Maw in the mid lane makes him even scarier.

After looking like the best team in Europe for most of the split, the Lions fell off the last three weeks. They dropped four of their last six matches to miss out on the No. 1 seed, and three of those losses came against Schalke, Vitality, and SK. Opponents are starting to understand Shadow’s jungle pathing in the early game, and that has really hampered what the Lions want to do.



The final series of the first weekend of playoffs has been overshadowed, but Rogue finished the season as the top team in the LEC. Larssen has been incredible in the mid lane, shining on late game champions like Azir and Corki to the point where he is dealing 31.3 percent of his team’s damage. Polish players Inspired and Vander lead the LEC in KDA, and Finn has proven he can carry in the top lane when given the opportunity.

Meanwhile, it’s been a rough year for Fnatic. They finished the regular season at 9-9, and it’s clear that there will be some major changes in the offseason. Rekkles has been sharp in the bottom lane, but Bwipo, Nemesis, and Hylissang have all fallen off considerably. The team’s frustrations have really seemed to impact jungler Selfmade too, as his play has taken a downturn in recent weeks although he is the top damage dealing jungler in the league. If they are significant underdogs per the League of Legends betting odds, they are worth a play, but that’s not likely given their following and history.


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