We have once again arrived at the end of the week and that means it’s lottery ticket time, where we take the money you would spend on a thickburger at Hardee’s and turn into a down payment on a vacation home.

If this is your first Crazy Parlay, never fear. The math is all done for us. What we have to do is peruse the odds, usually the moneylines and pick a series of upsets that actually happen. The “Any Given Sunday” aspect of the NFL is no joke and there’s no reason not to let a favorite’s misfortune not make you a fortune in the process.

But we’re not just tossing our cash away. Oh no. We’re picking upsets with a legitimate plus moneylines with a real shot at paying off. This isn’t praying for a lightning strike. This is flying a kite with a key tied to it in a rainstorm.

Here’s what I’ve picked out for you this week:

Eagles +153

Vikings +110

Rams +106

Bengals +160

Chargers +250

Saints +125

Falcons +126

Packers +142

If you’ve already checked out my Friday Afternoon Quarterback picks column (and you should. Take a look at my Sunday Night Preview while you’re at it. Don’t let me keep you), then you know I already like the Rams and Saints in outright upsets, if you can call them that considering the Rams are +1 dogs and the Saints are +3.

The rest, let’s talk ourselves into them.

First off, let’s talk about the Chargers. They’re coming off a loss and looking to build to a playoff berth in Brandon Staley’s first season as head coach. Can Staley slow down the Kansas City Chiefs enough to win in the last minute? The Baltimore Ravens did and they don’t have nearly the personnel that the Chargers do.

The Atlanta Falcons are dogs, but, talent wise, they have the offensive roster to put 40 on the New York Giants. They won’t, but for the moneyline to hit, all you need them to do is win.

Last December, not even a full year ago, the Bengals knocked off the Pittsburgh Steelers 27-17 with Ryan Finley at quarterback. Cincinnati is a pick six away from 2-0. I know this might be controversial, but I feel like Joe Burrow is a superior QB than Ryan Finley.

The Vikings are a +1 underdog to the Seahawks, who had no business having a shot at winning last week in their game against the Tennessee Titans. Kirk Cousins is good for one “how is Kirk Cousins playing this great?” game a season. This could be the week.

As for Green Bay, Aaron Rodgers has all the motivation to beat the San Francisco 49ers including the fact that this is supposed to be his Last Dance with the Packers.

And, lastly, I feel like the Eagles are a mystery, but that could mean the Dallas Cowboys aren’t ready to pull the mask off Caretaker Johnson and reveal him as the Scarecrow Ghost like the Scooby Gang.

A $10 parlay win with these eight teams pays $11,303.39.

And you can buy a brand new Mystery Machine with that.

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